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Justin Small of Do Make Say Think will release a new song every week for a year

For a buck a week, members will receive a new track every Monday, starting with "Slow Motion Hearts," streaming here.

- Jun 1, 2015

Beginning today, Monday, June 1, 2015, with "Slow Motion Hearts" (listen below) and continuing for the next year, Justin Small of Do Make Say Think and Lullabye Arkestra will release a new song, fully mixed and mastered and complete with original album art, every Monday for the low price of a buck a week. It's like Columbia House for Canadian post-rock nerds, but digital and you'll actually get something you want this time. You can sign up here.

In the era of PWYC mixtapes and Patreon, Small's digital singles club represents another experiment in alternative modes of distribution and compensation — another line of exploration into how an artist might reasonably make a living doing what they do (and doing it apart from the major commercial apparatus).

The idea was originally floated by Do Make Say Think manager Adam Marvy 6 or 7 years ago, Small says, to offer fans bonus, live, and outtake material. But DMST moves at such "a glacial pace creatively," that it couldn't quite work.

"Flash forward to this February," Small writes in an email to Chart Attack, "and I was spending an afternoon cataloging all of my unused score work, test riffs, half-ideas and such into a folder when I thought of this concept. I didn't want it to be just me putting outtakes up though. I can do that on SoundCloud. I needed to attach a concept and a challenge to make it worthwhile. So I came up with the song/image a week idea."

"Slow Motion Hearts," the first offering, is the most Justin Small that he can get, he says, but this project provides him the opportunity explore a bunch of musical avenues. "Have I ever wanted to write a black metal song in all major keys? Totally. Now I get to! Perhaps I'll go through a Big Beat phase. Garage rock? YES! Jazz? I'll try but probably not..."

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