TIO Day Fort 2015

PREMIERE: Toronto mystery TIO’s “Day Fort” is a world-burning dance abstraction

The shadowy Toronto-based entity premiere "Day Fort" and leave maximally cryptic listening instructions.

- May 25, 2015

We don't know much about TIO — and that's purposeful. The band prefers to work in the shadows, finds that anonymity liberating. TIO might be one person; it might also be the work of one hundred. Josh Reichmann is somehow implicated (whatever it means to be a "visual and tonal confidant"). According to the band's website, they're based in Toronto, which seems way too terrestrial for anything else that's happening here.

"Day Fort" is a dark passage of experimental dance — a piece that reminds you that goth and industrial were birthed in decrepit basement and warehouse clubs in places like Berlin and London and Paris, growing at the margins, bubbling underground, where the most fun usually happens.

The project behind "Day Fort" was to make "dance abstraction," the band tells us. "Because dance will never die as long as you can still see the fire's trails in the black of the sky. Dancing and dreaming — a brew of longing, regret, acceptance and celebration. To introduce people to more movement was our goal."

And then, they/she/he/it left us with these cryptic listening instructions:

Listen to “Day Fort” during your life myth and in the adventures and dramas of your consciousness unfolding towards a totally clear ember/reflection of energy/light which is present in your mind. Listen when you are glowing and watching and imprinting. Listen during the after-hours before the hours are counted.

We'll certainly try!

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