Mick Futures Banned From the Future 2015

PREMIERE: Mick Futures’ “Whatever You Want” is a would-be punk classic

The Sudbury, Ontario songwriter reminds you why you fell in love with punk on the new song from his full-length debut Banned From The Future.

- May 14, 2015

Sudburian songster Mick Futures, whom you might recognize from Strange Attractor or Statues, has travelled here from some bygone decade to premiere his Telephone Explosion debut "Whatever You Want" with Chart Attack.

The track is a lost classic, encircling the three or four year nexus in rock history when garage gave way to punk proper and its various tributaries (synth, post, etc.). His is a voice I've heard before, but can't quite place where. The names Wipers, Screamers, Buzzcocks, Sparks, and Devo come to mind — it's not that he owes anything to them, it's that he belongs among them.

In an alternate world, there are messy-haired brats hiding out in their parents' garages and TV rooms with Mick Futures patches pinned to their jackets, blaring his Banned From The Future, sneakily smoking cigarettes, screaming "Fuck off, Mom," when she inevitably tells them to turn down that racket polluting her house from the basement up. They've been seduced: "Whatever you want, just go out and get it."

Mick Futures' Banned From The Future is out June 16 via Telephone Explosion.

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