Jazz Cartier - Always Up To something

NOW HEAR THIS: Jazz Cartier is up to something, Meredith Graves goes solo

PLUS: Norway's Farao releases a song that grows patiently and booms elegantly.

- May 6, 2015
Now Hear This is a daily dive into the standout songs of the last 24 hours. Today, Toronto upstart Jazz Cartier cools in the lounge. Perfect Pussy's Meredith Graves launches a solo project, and Norwegian electro folk musician Farao tells us exactly what you do in a tiny mountain village.

Jazz Cartier, “Always Up To Something"

Jazz Cartier - Always Up To Something

On the heels of releasing one of the year’s best albums, Jazz Cartier is already pushing forward with a brand new single. It’s spaced out, smooth, and hovers in the troposphere at dawn. The electronics of the song swell and swim around. If you were walking alone in a desert, “Always Up To Something” is the moment the stars illuminate the sky and a shooting star passes through, booming in the royal blue night. The video, directed by Jon Riera, features gorgeous visuals filled with Enter The Void-coloured lighting. - Ryan Parker

Jazz Cartier’s Marauding In Paradise mixtape is out now.

Meredith Graves, "Took The Ghost To The Movies"

Meredith Graves - "Took The Ghost To The Movies"

Since the breakout of her band Perfect Pussy, Meredith Graves has become a bit of a punk celebrity and a vital feminist voice (and now freelance writer) about how indie and punk subcultures can do better. Now, she's becoming even more visible as she launches a solo project with this new song from a split 7" with Kevin Devine.

"Took The Ghost To The Movies" starts with about 30 seconds of acoustic strum, suggesting maybe this solo turn will be a serious 180, but then the distorted wash of guitars kick to 11 and the dreamy shoegaze tones that were always hiding in Perfect Pussy's music get amplified. It's like a PP song slowed to half speed, and it turns out that sounds a lot like My Bloody Valentine. Graves' vocals are submerged even more than in her band, becoming just another piece of texture in the song's heavy ambience. - Richard Trapunski

Graves sheds some light on the lyrics for SPIN:

A lot of heartbreak went into that song. I might never have a partner that I’d have a family with. It’s about fertility and motherhood and whether or not I’ll ever be able to have a family with another person. I know full well how lucky I am. That’s why I have it. I saw what I wanted and I got it. That’s how things have worked in my life. If I get a crush on someone and I decide I want to date them, I go out there and get it. If I want a job, I walk into someone’s office and I lie until they give it to me. And if I want to be in a band, I start a band. It’s like…I’m so lucky and I think I might have found the one thing I can’t have.

The Meredith Graves/Kevin Divine 7" Devinyl Splits No. 2 is out May 26 via Bad Timing Records. Pre-order it here.

Farao, “Hunter"

Full disclosure: I like anything Norwegian. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, Farao was born in a 500-person mountain village in Ulnes, Norway and she’s the Scandinavian electronic folk hero we’ve needed for a while now (yes, that’s the sound of us all falling in love). “Hunter” grows patiently and blooms elegantly, like your first time planting a pretty little flower. With washes of Beach House and Local Natives, Kari Jahnsen sings “track you down and shoot you like a hunter,” because that’s exactly what you do in a mountain village. - Ryan Parker

Farao’s Hunter will appear on her debut album, due later this year on Arts & Crafts.

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