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NOW HEAR THIS: Jazz Cartier’s Marauding In Paradise is a career in a mixtape

PLUS: Tasseomancy send us searching for a dictionary, K.I.D sing a love letter to their bong.

- Apr 16, 2015
Now Hear This is a daily dive into the standout songs of the last 24 hours. Today, Tasseomancy stare artfully into the abyss, K.I.D crush on weed, and Jazz Cartier says there's more to Toronto than Drake's 6.

Jazz Cartier, Marauding In Paradise

The unfathomable success of Drake is a double-edged sword for a rising rapper like Jazz Cartier. On the one hand, it clears the path for a 21-year-old Torontonian to drop a statement mixtape like Marauding In Paradise and not fall on deaf ears south of the border. On the other hand, almost every interview he does is going to ask him about Aubrey Graham before they ask him about Jazz Cartier. And that leads to dubious press release claims like this one: Cartier is "the only one giving [Downtown Toronto] an identity."

But "Downtown" is as multifaceted a concept as "The Suburbs," one that can hardly be contained in a mixtape, no matter how sprawling. Maybe that's the idea? Beyond already bona fide viral hits like "New Religion" and "Downtown Cliche," the rapper establishes himself as a major voice, one that can rap or croon over dreamy minimal beats and Toro Y Moi alike, while referencing Clipse, Kensington Market and Annie Hall in practically the same breath.

It's a breakup album at heart, but it's also much bigger than that. At an East End listening party last week Cartier called the mixtape "my life's work" and it definitely sounds like a career in an album. But it's just the beginning. - Richard Trapunski

Tasseomancy, "Apophenia"

The venerable Wikipedia tells me that "apophenia" refers to "the experience of perceiving patterns or connections in random or meaningless data." Isn't that, like, life itself? Perceived connections? Making meaning where there is none? Kinda leaves me at a loss for words about the song. Though they do give us a sparkly, shimmering, totally enchanting thing to pass through our sensorium. Also, much like life. - Chris Hampton

Tasseomancy's Palm Wine Revisited is out June 2 through Healing Power Records. Check out their Canadian tour dates below:
May 22nd | New York NY | (Le) Poisson Rouge
May 24th | Halifax NS | OBEY Festival @ Halifax Music Co-op
June 17th | Toronto ON | NXNE @ Mod Club
June 18th | Montreal QC | Bar Le "Ritz" P.D.B

K.I.D, "The Bong Song"/ "Stoned on the School Bus"

K.I.D - Bong Song / Stoned on the School Bus

K.I.D love weed so much they debuted the "The Bong Song" and "Stoned on the School Bus" split video on High Times. Really. Kids In Despair perfectly represent the paradox of the post-Wavves pop image (and, really, the words "post-Wavves" give wayyyyy too much credit to Nathan Williams' project as defining some meaningful cultural moment), where you can affect a pizza-eating shitbag (i.e. me) while making what closely resembles '90s diva-level pop (though it may be about their bongophilia) and sell across market lines. Helluva time to be alive. I wonder how my generation might have sprouted had Christina Aguilera been singing about her water pipe all along. - Chris Hampton

Kids In Despair's self-titled "mixtape" is out April 18. Check out our K.I.D Record Store Day prize pack.

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