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NOW HEAR THIS: Fake Palms put a pop song in the blender

This all-Canadian edition also features the next big Toronto producer River Tiber and another great one from Moon King.

- Apr 7, 2015
Now Hear This is a daily dive into the standout songs of the last 24 hours. Today, a Toronto bedroom producer gives us his dreamiest, Fake Palms microwaves a pop song, and Moon King make wallowing artful.

Fake Palms, "Sun Drips"

If you mostly know Michael le Riche from The Darcys, his new project Fake Palms might come as a bit of a surprise. This new track is an absolute monster, a gut-punch mix of distorted post-punk overdrive, gauzy jangle riffs and sweet, buried hooks.

"'Sun Drips' is an exercise in balancing opposites, contrasting light and dark to create what we think pop music is capable of," le Riche writes in an email to Chart Attack. "I think we put a sunny pop song in the microwave and it melted."

Fake Palms started as a bedroom project, but beefed up to include Lane Halley from Hooded Fang and Simone TB from Slim Twig, Darlene Shrugg and The Highest Order. The band stays true to their lo-fi origins (all in a room, no overdubs, etc.), but has a ton of live muscle (any band with Simone TB is going to). le Riche describes the concept of the band:

"The band is an attempt to see what happens when you limit yourself and only allow yourself very specific tools to use. Writing music that feels unnatural and tense, and then putting a melody over top. We all like The Beach Boys just as much as we like Lightning Bolt or Wire."

It also sounds like they've been playing out a Women record or two. Look out for something or other on Buzz Records some time soon. (That's as specific as they're going to get.) - Richard Trapunski

River Tiber, "Motives"

Tommy Paxton-Beesley's bedroom R&B sounds exactly like the kind of thing that's been brought into this world by the hands of a lone soul working in the dim glow of a laptop through the earliest hours of the morning — it's intimate and tender and confessional. No wonder the Toronto producer got Drake's attention. "Motives" is a woozy, bleary-eyed dreamworld fashioned in that same mode, then floated on the warm and fuzzy thoughts that finally carry this particular bedroom producer off to never-never land. - Chris Hampton

Moon King, "Impossible"

Kenny, the sweet Korean guy who owned a corner store by my childhood home, once told me: "it's hard, you know, just to make a living." I must have been about 16, but the words seemed alarming to me, as if he'd just initiated the countdown on my own cushy routine. Instantly, being an adult sounded less liberating, and more exhausting. Here, Daniel Benjamin and Maddie Wilde remind me of Kenny's wisdom. In their version, it's impossible — finding meaningful work, making money, loving and being loved, all of it. But that persistent trudge beat in triplets on the floor tom suggests we might keep on despite it all. - Chris Hampton

Moon King's Secret Life is out April 14 on Last Gang Records.

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