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PREMIERE: Digits remixes Pick A Piper’s slowburning “Zenaida”

The Toronto artist turns the original psychedelic slowburn into a nocturnal synth lullaby.

- Mar 30, 2015

Pick A Piper has always seemed a bit underrated to me. The project helmed by Angus Fraser, Dan Roberts and Brad Weber (who plays live as a member of Caribou) plays an intensely percussive, polyrythmic blend of psych-pop that makes your head swirl. But if the band's 2013 self-titled debut felt underheard by fans who should be going nuts over it, it didn't pass by other great musicians (like Caribou, Teen Daze and Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys) who stand on the precipice of electronic music and pop songcraft.

They've all teamed up for an album of Pick A Piper remixes whose proceeds will be donated to the Steve Reid Foundation, a charity for independent artists going through times of hardship. The remix we're premiering below comes from Toronto's Digits, whose melancholy take on synth pop blends perfectly with Pick A Piper's original slowburning "Zenaida." Digits' Alt Altman mellows things out a bit, foregrounds the soothing, bittersweet vocal melody and doubles it down. He definitely makes it his own.

Altman explains via email from England, where he's opening for Gary Numan:

Two of the vocalists on "Zenaida" are Karl and Edna Snyder from Kidstreet, and I've always loved that band, so it was really cool to get to mess around with their voices. I also added my own vocals and lyrics on this remix, which I guess is my instinct for original tracks that are largely instrumental. I tried to make it feel cohesive, a stand-alone experience that doesn't require knowing the original version to enjoy it.

Pick A Piper: Remixes is out April 7 via Abandon Building Records. Pre-order via Bandcamp.

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