Courtney Barnett

NOW HEAR THIS: Courtney Barnett spills her guts and King Khan & BBQ Show do what they do best

PLUS: Un Blonde return with a double dose of weirdness

- Jan 29, 2015
Now Hear This is a deep dive into the standout songs of the moment. Today, Courtney Barnett charms us again, King Khan & BBQ do what they do best, and Un Blonde gets crafty.

Courtney Barnett, "Pedestrian At Best"

Australia’s Courtney Barnett is back (very quickly) after 2014’s The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas as she returns with an equally as long album title, Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit. The leading track “Pedestrian At Best” has every songwriting and vocal quirk that you expect and love from her. “Put me on a pedestal, and I’ll only disappoint you,” rolls off her tongue, dripping in desperation and self-deprecation. In quick succession, she spews everything an over-self-conscious 20-something has bottled inside after a shitty day. Most times, it’s everything you need to hear. - Ryan Parker

Courtney Barnett's Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit will be out March 24th on Mom + Pop.

The King Khan & BBQ Show, "Illuminations"

King Khan and Mark Sultan can never seem to decide if they're a band or not, or if they're called KK&BBQ or Jumbo Lions or Bad News Boys, but they're on again for long enough their upcoming album. The Montreal(ish) duo have that timeless child-at-heart sound back intact: soulful '50s hooks, harmonies, and fuzzy foot-tapping garage rock riffs. You know what you're going to get from this show, but it sure is comforting. - Richard Trapunski

The King Khan & BBQ Show's Bad News Boys will be out in late February on In The Red.

Un Blonde, "Part of Us Both"/"As Just"

Calgary-to-Montreal transplant J.S. Audet has a new four-song cassette and lathe cut out Friday on Craft Singles. The UNCHARTED alum's first cut, "Part of Us Both" runs the gamut from R&B found in the 'scratched, sun-warped, and otherwise damaged' bin to Vashti Bunyan-style psychedelia. While "As Just," the other track he's shared, skronks, coos, chimes and drones in a way reminiscent of Akron/Family, tripping ahead on a one-two hi-hat and snare beat that could march this weirdo parade ad infinitum. - Chris Hampton

Part of Us Both is out January 30 on Craft Singles.

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