Negative Rage

NOW HEAR THIS: Burial’s back, Negative Rage’s blown-out Halifax punk

PLUS: BenZel's captivating strip love anthem.

- Nov 4, 2014
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Burial, "Lambeth"

Burial - Lambeth

Previous only available as a 2009 radio rip, a studio version of "Lambeth" from post-dubstep pioneer Burial is now ready. After the brave emotional peaks of his Rival Dealer EP, it's a bit jarring to return to his still-singular bleak and blustery progressive shuffle. Still, there's a reason people hunger for Burial's music outside of the realm of mystique he's built for himself, which feels by virtue of the music. While not the annual release we're still hoping will split the Earth in 2014, "Lambeth" is a fascinating insight to where his sound progressed in the four-year gap between his 2007 masterpiece Untrue and the techno tilt Street Halo represented in 2011.

"Lambeth" is part of Hyberdub's new collection Hyperdub 10.4, out now.

Negative Rage, "I'm Controlled, You're Controlled / Pile (Tina, Age 13)"

Halifax's Cody Googoo records hardcore punk purism as Negative Rage. But you don't need a stock of Black Flag bootlegs next to your tape deck to appreciate these two new songs, released on Craft Singles. Much in the same way that the best OFF! tracks never feel like they're preaching to the choir, Negative Rage foments a welcoming bloodbath from his sources. Fury marks both of these tracks, and leaves "I'm Controlled, You're Controlled" with a bloody fretboard. "Pile (Tina, Age 13)" has moments of silence between the chain gang guitar crunch for feelings of futility to slip through, adding pale but captivating colour.

Negative Rage's I'm Controlled, You're Controlled single is out now on Bandcamp via Craft Singles.

BenZel feat. Juicy J and Cashmere Cat, "Four"

BenZel is Two Inch Punch and Benny Blanco, two producers who bring playfulness to their visions of electronic production and pop superstars. Cashmere Cat's work with Ariana Grande on "Be My Baby" and Ludacris's "Party Girls" has him tipped to explode, so it fits he'd get enlisted to help co-produce another hip-hop giant. Juicy J's rap is, by his design, background noise for the production, swathed in coos and clattering bamboo percussion. The most exciting thing about the song is actually imagining it in the place's Juicy's singing about.

Benzel's Men EP is out November 10 via PMR Records/Friends Keep Secrets.


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