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NOW HEAR THIS: Speedy Ortiz soundtracks the end, Tinashe gets Blood Orange, and more

PLUS: Boyhood returns and aching guitar rock from Brooklyn.

- Oct 1, 2014
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Speedy Ortiz, "Doomsday"

Less Artists More Condos has nabbed Speedy Ortiz for its latest charity 7" benefitting the Ariel Panero Memorial Fund. "Doomsday" takes on the neverending cycle of failed prophets sure of doom, with a wry smile. "This one feels right," resolves Sadie Dupuis, after a host of "maybes" that all point to a macabre world she's an outcast from. The looming apocalypse is bolstered by the band's stapled grunge sound, and becomes an internal damnation that rests on a lot of uncertainties. But like most apocalyptic predictions that enter the news cycle, it's this one that matters, and we totally deserve it.

Buy "Doomsday" at Bandcamp. After you're finished, make sure you hear "I Took It Off A Record," a track from the 2012-conquering Chris Weisman)

Mitski, "I Don't Smoke"

With lyrics like "If you need to be mean, be mean to me/I can take it and put it inside of me," the Brooklyn artist's spotlit track effects a transformation. Namely, the narcotic aggression of the guitar distortion into a whip, an instrument lazily self-flagellating as she bellows "You can lean on my arm if you break my heart."

Bury Me At Makeout Creek is out November 11 via Double Double Whammy; pre-order it here.

Boyhood, "Make Up"

boyhood - make up

Boyhood is one of Ottawa's most exciting projects, and now Caylie Runciman has just let go of "Make Up," a new track from the upcoming re-release of 2012's When I'm Hungry. With 8-bit waves sprinkling their pixels over crystalline echoes and a steely sequenced slap, "Make Up" recalls the earliest efforts of Nite Jewel, forked into eerier Bauhaus territory. That can partially be attributed to an upgrade in equipment Caylie received last year:

"My past recordings have been done using pieces of shit: USB microphone (including incorporation of a rock band video game mic), shitty netbook, whatever. My boyfriend got me a digital 8 track this past Christmas that I've been using since then so there's gonna be some difference sonically in the new recordings."

Boyhood's When I'm Hungry will be re-released in November with bonus tracks via Bruised Tongue.

Tinashe feat. Devonté Hynes, "Bet"

Tinashe - Bet (Audio) ft. Devonté Hynes

The latest track from the "2 On" singer's debut record harkens way way back to 2013 and her mixtape Black WaterDJ Dahi and Blood Diamonds (last seen working on Madonna's new album) send the steadfast anthem into the dark blue depths of pitched down vocals, a Clams Casino bass hovering above like an enormous tanker, and a killer solo from Blood Orange's Dev Hynes that pulls us up and into the shallows.

Tinashe's new album Aquarius is out October 7 via RCA; pre-order it here.

Make A Rising, "On"

One of the members of Make A Rising is an artist on Adventure Time. Indeed, both of the songs from the Philly band's new single could belong in some fantastical realm. "I Forgot To Shave" resembles the shifting, angular harmonies of Celestial Shore, another band who love The Beach Boys. I prefer "On" for its peak Brian Wilson ambition. There's a sense of chimerical grandeur to it from the jump, a latter day Sufjan Stevens execution like a quiet big bang as its universe of instruments and bus stop prophet ramblings gradually unfurls into an unpredictable, untranscribable narrative.

Buy "On," along with A-side "I Forgot To Shave," at Bandcamp.

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