PREMIERE: Montreal eccentric ¡FLIST! explores the darkside of love on “Fat Square”

Carl Perkins meets mania.

- Sep 18, 2014

¡FLIST! aka Charlie Twitch, has been one of the more unusual fixtures of the Montreal scene over the last couple of years, trafficking in an unusual brand of foreboding art pop over a stream of singles and EPs and in his theatrical live performances, which feature fellow Montreal weirdos Nick Schofield from Saxsyndrum and Marc-Andre Roy of Rakam. His newest single "Fat Square" comes from his forthcoming debut LP, Fuck You I’m Dead, does much to justify the long gestation of the full-length.

Building on the apocalyptic shuffle of early Nick Cave with an anarchic, keyboard heavy arrangement, and almost rockabilly reminiscent guitar flourishes, the track builds to a paranoid and chaotic crescendo, but according to Twitch the song is, in essence, a love song:

“I wrote and recorded this song in my parents basement while visiting for Christmas in 2009. I had just made a mixtape for my younger brother and couldn’t shake Carl Perkins' slick and laid-back performance in "Her Love Rubbed Off." I just wished the song stayed in the dirty shuffle it starts off in! The lyrics were pulled from many different points in my life, always tying back to the feelings of inadequacy, lust, and mania attributed to budding love.”

Fuck You I’m Dead will be out November 11th on Art Not Love Records. You can also catch ¡FLIST! at Pop Montreal at the Cabaret Playhouse on September 20th.

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