Ought don’t cover Pink on new post-punk track “Pill”

Prepare for a new EP from the Montreal (literal) riot act.

- Aug 21, 2014

Montreal post-punks and UNCHARTED subjects Ought have just completed a world tour in support of the great record More Than Any Other Day. Now they're celebrating with the release of a new EP Once More With Feeling... Their label Constellation Records put new track "Pill" on a three song autumn release sampler along with songs from Last Ex and Avec Le Soleil Sortant De Sa Bouche; steam it below at 9:59.

It's the last song on the playlist because it sounds like an outro, a quiet-loud climatic burst recalling the structure of "Habit," but the environment has changed. Tim Beeler's usually frantic bark is soothed, and for most of the song there's a definite drowsy feel, like the distorted organ moan and gently strummed guitars were recorded from a hospital bed. Then, ever so gently, the Ought instincts of rowdiness and caterwaul kick in and we're handed an outro with an abrasiveness only strengthened by the time the band has spent in such a considered place.

Ought's new EP Once More With Feeling...is out October 28 via Constellation. They discuss not knowing what the hell they're doing for their UNCHARTED profile.

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