Deerhoof La Isla Bonita

Deerhoof unleash peppy punk anthem “Exit Only”

A refreshing and fully charged tune from the art-rock band.

- Aug 21, 2014

Is anyone playful like Deerhoof is playful? Captain Beefheart said that "an electric guitar attracts Beelzebub," and the art rock band's chords produced puppy-toothed demons with dimples and smiles. These creatures gave you new and fresh perspectives on how pop could tear the flesh.

For the uninitiated, "Exit Only" jumps off like an immediate punk song, as crushing as a palace built entirely of amplifiers. It fits within the hardcore revival that's produced METZ and Greys, a shot in the arm given by Deerhoof's specific personality. But also present are the staples, like peppy guitar lines and equally meandering lyrics, from a resolute and incomplete  "I don't let you," to a more sunnily resigned "Too many choices to order breakfast." The frayed sound means it's more accessible, but it never feels like you could be listening to anyone else.

Deerhoof's new album La Isla Bonita is out November 4 via Polyvinyl; pre-order it here.

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