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TOPS go “Outside” on heartbreaking new synth ballad

The Montreal four-piece drop a sweet song about lost love, and incidentally recall a classic power ballad.

- Aug 20, 2014

If you asked my stepfather, Top Gun was a multi-million dollar propaganda vehicle for the American military. And Berlin's "Take My Breath Away" (the film's theme) was just a sexy banner anthem for imperialism. TOPS' new song "Outside" has a similar feel, though I doubt they're agents of our lizard overlords: the Montreal pop group's new song is also soft-focus, silky and veiled and even the bassline is a clear descendant. Still, there's something more engaging about this tune, whether it's years of camp calcification on the Berlin track, or the unreciprocated intimacy that gently wafts through every element.

TOPS's new album Picture You Staring is out September 2 via Arbutuspre-order it here.

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