Kindness Robyn Royksopp A Monument To Everything

Kindness delivers a powerful remix of Röyksopp & Robyn’s “Monument”

Plus a verse from South African poet Busiswa.

- Aug 15, 2014

This week saw the triumphant return of Adam Bainbridge's funk-pop project Kindness, along with a sumptuous video for RöyksoppRobyn's equally gorgeous electro ballad "Monument." The two songs merge on Bainbridge's reverent remix "A Monument To Everything" with a hearty new rap from South African poet Busiswa.

Her presence stems from Bainbridge's intuitions of "...the Kwaito shuffle I thought was lurking somewhere in the heart of the track." He's still the same methodical music nerd as when he first emerged, with a heightened sense of design: each new element — from gummy slap bass to brand new, ghostly sparseness — is outfitted over the original track. Everything glides effortlessly in perfect sync with the song's existing heart, beating in perfect and lovely time.

Kindness's new album Otherness is out October 14 via Female Energy/Mom + Pop. Röyksopp & Robyn's new EP Do It Again is out now via Dog Triumph/Interscope.

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