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Toronto rock adults Teenanger plot their “Mild Survival” on new track

Hear a new track from their sure-to-rock upcoming full length.

- Aug 14, 2014

Reading a title like "Mild Survival," you might imagine that you can hear Teenanger's eyeballs rolling into the backs of their rock music-playing heads as they came up with it. But they're on your side: "City kids moving to the country now" Melissa Ball sings with a Kim Deal sigh, as her band's metal-on-metal lurch sticks to her like migraine in a tarpit. Whether she's bemoaning pretentious yuppies chasing rural living trends or your inability to find a decent apartment in Toronto within your budget, it's a sentiment anyone can get behind.

Teenanger's new album E P L P is out September 9 via Telephone Explosion; pre-order it here.

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