Lil Boosie gives Rich Gang’s “Lifestyle” a “(G Mix)”

He turns up the grit on Rich Gang's party starter.

- Aug 6, 2014

Lil Boosie has said that he hasn't been listening to a lot of modern music since he came home, because he doesn't want anything contemporary bleeding into his "reality rap." But I suppose exceptions have to be made considering that he's the hottest commodity in hip-hop, and Rich Gang's "Lifestyle" doesn't slack. The original London On Da Track beat on Boosie's "G Mix" is a janky remake, but Boosie delivers on his promise in-song to be "One of the few you could believe what they told ya." More vivid accounts of his troubles readjusting to his present fame. as well as recollections of a violent life he says is behind him. ("Director stole my script for The Hunger Games." Cold.)

 Lil Boosie's new album Touchdown 2 Cause Hell is out September 26 via Atlantic Records.

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