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Here’s all the best songs you missed over the long weekend

While you were out partying for heroes, these tracks got dropped.

- Aug 5, 2014

Sophie, "Hard"

The London producer stormed through the Internet last week with new single "Lemonade," a hyperglycemic yet delightfully unstructured pop melange. B-side "Hard" aims the artist's frenzy towards a more scrambled and metallic vibe, and a sort of speed freak grime is the result. It brings Sophie closer than ever to a certain globo-pop maven (especially that third album). "Hard" has been floating around in a mix over the weekend, but the full track came out today.

Kevin Gates, "Out The Mud"

Kevin Gates - Out The Mud

In the midst of a tour I wish I was at right now, Gates stays dropping hints about his Luca Brasi 2 mixtape and now, a new track about hustling your own path from nothing. Unstoppable seems apt.

Action Bronson, "Easy Rider"

A radio rip of Bronson's first single from his debut LP Mr. Wonderful debuted on Hot 97 yesterday. Now we have studio quality. The rapper and charming host of Fuck, That's Delicious drops some hilarious and dexterous nostalgia bars over a honking, Summer of Love-sampling beat from frequent producer Party Supplies.

A Sunny Day In Glasgow, "Almost Like Emotion (The Drop)"

This track is a leftover from Sea When Absentone of the most texturally adventurous pop albums of the year. But it'll get a release when the group puts out NO DEATH, an EP of orphan songs from those sessions, on June 24.

Foxes In Fiction, "Ontario Gothic"

Another quietly devastating track, "Ontario Gothic" takes the climatic string ascendence of "Shadow's Song" and stretches it into a full length swooner.

Dadalú, "Presa"

Dadalú is a rapper/producer from Chile who puts out a bunch of free music, including her latest EP Lo Bajo. What distinguishes her tracks, though, is a spacious post-punk sound that sounds like a peppier Weekend while still being totally fresh and progressive. The EP's closer "Presa" marries spitfire vocals with a looming, funereal bounce, the sound of the last person limping off the dance floor.

Gobby, "Clifford"

Prolific as ever, Gobby's latest techno experiment is a stuttering piece of four-on-the-floor that twinkles light and fluffy like the Hook soundtrack through every filter pass.

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