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Absolutely Free announce debut album with sunny psych tune “Beneath The Air”

Moshe Rozenberg tells us the song's transformation from afro-beat jam to relaxed drift.

- Jul 24, 2014

Absolutely Free's last single revealed two sides of the Toronto psychedelic trio: "Clothed Women, Sitting" re-established their aptitude for krautrock-flavoured mysticism, and "On The Beach" showcased their willingness to split from formula and into a distorted gulch of techno and Silver Apples.

"Beneath The Air" marries both what we've come to expect and how they challenge their listeners, a very specific and rare sort of comfort. Motoring the track is yet another strain of propulsion in their endless cache, with synths that dial your retinas all the way open and let in colours you're not really supposed to see yet. It's all drunk off sunbeams and full of marvel, and now I feel like staring at a beetle for three hours.

Absolutely Free's Moshe Rozenberg emailed us some context:

"Beneath The Air" was originally a very afro-beat sounding jam called "Rolling Thunder." It was an aimless thing & that's the way we liked it; about 8 minutes of feeling it & without vocals. At that time, I'd become pretty obsessed with the African Pearls compilations (specifically Mali 70 & Senegal 70), so those were directly influencing the feel.

Then we experimented with an alternate version - less rambunctious drumbeat, more relaxed tempo/feel, a completely different time signature, a bit more structured (but still relatively free-feeling). That version won.

Absolutely's Free's self-titled debut is out October 14 via Lefse.

Below, watch Absolutely Free play a Jewish Community Centre pool and soundtrack a film with a new 15 minute track at Chart Attack's UNIVERSE.

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