speedy ortiz bigger party

Speedy Ortiz are sorry/not sorry on “Bigger Party”

Hear their prickly rock non-apology.

- Jul 14, 2014

Despite a hook which proclaims "I'm sorry for the time I made out with all your friends/ I'm really a shithead," there's at least as much not-giving-a-shit as regret to Speedy Ortiz's "Bigger Party." Their track for the Adult Swim Singles Series is coloured with those duelling attitudes, so it's a "jam" in the mushiest, rawest sense and filled with mutant affection. More bittersweet untangling in the vein of their breakout Major Arcana, aware of its many filters and personal shortcomings and blasting them out in a brazen rock anthem with the messy spirit of a Daniel Clowes comic.

Download "Bigger Party" here. 

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