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Sloan release first taste of solo-sided double album, “Keep Swinging (Downtown)”

Sloan are putting out a double album with one side for each member. Hear the first taste, from Patrick Pentland.

- Jul 14, 2014

In retrospect, it's strange that Sloan were ever considered the "next big thing" by the music press (including, of course, Chart Magazine); in the decades since, they've cemented themselves as Canada's sturdiest tentpole band in power pop, that immortal genre that seems to exist outside of time, trends and hype. In the past few years they've taken to shaking up the formula with experiments like the (actually awesome) hardcore 7" they put out last year, but even those are rooted in the past. Their upcoming, long-teased album, Commonwealth - a double record in which each band member is given his own side - is straight out of the KISS playbook.

But this first single, written by ace in the hole Patrick Pentland, is more of a Stones stomper, with all the riffs and "yeahs" you expect to be blasting from a classic rock convertible. Then, in the last minute, the dreamy acoustic jangle comes out. Perhaps they should have released four singles at once (even if Andrew Scott's side is one 18-minute suite), but this is a sweet first taste.

Sloan's Commonwealth is out September 9 on Yep Roc. Pre-order here.
Sloan - "Keep Swinging (Downtown)" (Official Audio)

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