Zacht Automaat

Zacht Automaat release new psychedelic synth track “There Is Mist In The Valley”

Keeping their prolific streak alive with another album out this month.

- Jul 11, 2014

Before heading to see Zacht Automaat and Prince Nifty in Toronto tonight, you can hear "There Is Mist In The Valley." Carl Didur goes solo on this one, says Soundcloud; maybe he couldn't get a connection between Toronto and Oxford, where Z.A.'s other half Michael McLean lives. We'll never get a William Onyeabor/Can supergroup, but this track serves as a worthy substitute, resolute yet jolly in its sun-dappled synth loops. It's a compelling iteration from the psychedelic group with plenty to spare; for yet another watch the video for the multiple-culty "Into The Time Domain," which also serves as an outdoorsy album trailer for their same-titled twelfth album.

Zacht Automaat's "provisionally titled" new album Into The Time Domain is out this month. Read our Uncharted profile here.

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