Bat For Lashes

Bat For Lashes dedicates “Skin Song” to herself

A concept album about the human body gets a quavering pop anthem for its kickoff.

- Jul 11, 2014

Body Of Songs is a concept album collecting songs inspired by the body's functions and written by different artists. It seems the perfect fit for Natasha Khan, who as Bat For Lashes makes boreal stadium electro pop from a battery of pure inner space.

"Skin Song" features the line "My body's an old good friend of mine," and although the murmuring chords and cliffside howls form a doleful air in the beginning, Khan's deft storytelling develops to colour not just the bruises and scars, and a twinkling heart emerges from the centre. The attention to detail and reverent air makes it an ode to her longest serving war buddy rather than a eulogy.

Body Of Songs is out in 2015, with songs from Ghostpoet and Goldie; hear those on Soundcloud.

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