Ricky Eat Acid goes hard on new single “Angels”

Maryland's collage king becomes fiercely beat driven.

- Jul 2, 2014

Ricky Eat Acid is known for ambient sample collages, the kind that give his breakout release Three Love Songs the feeling of old libraries and new favourite hideaways somewhere far away from home. But on "Angels," the first track from his upcoming EP Sun Over Hills, Sam Ray is gunning for a brash new vibe similar to the harsh tactile mechanics of SD Laika or newer Evian Christ. Vocal samples recently stolen from lungs are chopped amidst shattering crashes and alarm drone, all totally unrelenting until a wash of synths at the end hits like a runner's high. Speaking with Noisey, he outlines his vision for Sun Over Hills:

"The EP is mirrored after having a nightmare where a really sunny vibrant daydream becomes really strange and disorienting nightmare but in a cool EDM way before it coalesces and you get p down with it and it becomes weird and sunny again in a cool way also."

Ricky Eat Acid's new EP Sun Over Hills is out for free on July 8.

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