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Montreal pop band TOPS release gentle new number “Sleeptalker”

A sad and heartfelt new track about your dreams and the attendant bullshit.

- Jun 25, 2014

TOPS's new song "Sleeptalker" comes from a personal place within Jane Penny. It's about and constructed with special kinds of restraint, frustrated yet complacent in its dusty guitar plucks and strums, like the entire song was constructed on the tip of the tongue. I'm reminded of when the band played our NXNE show in 2012, when they turned a loft into a sway party sweatbox. "Sleeptalker" certainly a Tender Opposite of those gentle dancier numbers; how would it have gone down? My guess: like a cool breeze.

TOPS's "Sleepwalker" single is out now. It's also on their second album Picture You Staring, out September 2nd via Arbutus. Pre-order it here.

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