Shabazz Palaces CAKE music video

Practice your favorite regional rap dance to Shabazz Palaces’ new single “#CAKE”

The jerky magic of the new Lese Majesty track is pumping you up right now and you aren't listening yet.

- Jun 24, 2014

Shabazz Palaces lord over their own plane of hip-hop's outer regions, reserved for swamp mystics and Dilla fiends. So even if they're going to use Fruity Loops claps and jerk-y kicks as the base like they do on new potion "#CAKE," you know something different is going to crawl out from that regional mould. Listen to the duo's new track below; it'll help give your weird half-skanking a name.

Shabazz Palaces's new album Lese Majesty is out July 29 via Sub Pop; pre-order it here.
Shabazz Palaces - #CAKE (not the video)

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