Owen Pallett

Listen to remixes of Owen Pallett’s “Song For Five & Six” from DJ Rashad, Ada and The Cyclist

Makes us long for an alternate reality in which Rashad and Pallett could collaborate.

- Jun 23, 2014

Owen Pallett and DJ Rashad is the chocolate and peanut butter you didn't know you needed. Rashad, the late Chicago footwork titan who died before his influence could be truly felt, turns in one of his last recordings (along with his frequent collaborator DJ Spinn) as part of a new series of remixes for Pallett's "Song For Five & Six." The swirling synths lend themselves perfectly to the DJ's signature percussion hits and fevered tempo, making it easy to dream of an alternate reality in which he lived long enough for a proper collaboration. Listen to Rashad and Spinn's remix below, along with new versions from The Cyclist and Ada.

Owen Pallett's In Conflict is out now on Domino/Secret City. Read our Primer on Owen Pallett here and our (somewhat contentious) interview here.

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