Julia Holter covers Dionne Warwick and Barbara Lewis on AA-side single “Don’t Make Me Over / Hello Stranger”

Here's how you remake someone else's song.

- Jun 17, 2014

Like many in my generation, my introduction to Burt Bacharach came with his scene in Austin Powers. Julia Holter has covered "Don't Make Me Over," a song Bacharach wrote with Hal David for Dionne Warwick, and if this were pubescent me's first experience with the man's music I'd probably be President of Smooth right now. Not entirely one of her fogged, jazzy schemas, the track's original grandeur is nimbly rained by Holter's ethereal sensibilities. Partially transmuted catharsis.

Much less loyal is "Hello Stranger," the AA-side single's next song and a cover of a Barbara Lewis track. Taken from Holter's 2013 album Loud City Song, the track has been brewing since at least 2009, but perhaps time is what the orchestral warm-up ambience needed in order to full cultivate all the disarming emotion it stirs in me.

Julia Holter's "Don't Make Me Over/Hello Stranger" 7" is out August 19 via Domino; pre-order it here.

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