jj all white everything music video

JJ get locked up in a white asylum for “All White Everything” music video

All White Is The New Orange Is The New Black.

- Jun 11, 2014

What have jj been up to since their last one-off single "jj n° 4"? Just chilling in a whites-only asylum, as the "All White Everything" video reveals (also they're all-caps JJ now). Yes, everything and everyone is white: the contortionist, the milk-eyed clerk stamping the Swedish group's new album title (V) and even the needles that seem to do more harm than good. There's a mystical streak, too, thanks to the drawings of creatures all over Elin Kastlander's cell wall. Given the duo's soporific hip-hop sound, you'd expect maybe a DJ Screw poster, but there you are.

JJ's new album V is out August 19 via Secretly Canadian/Sincerely Yours; pre-order it here.

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