Blonde Redhead Barragan album cover

Hear the warped new Blonde Redhead track “No More Honey”

The ninth album from the NYC veterans is out soon.

- Jun 10, 2014

Swooning but in a concussed sort of way, the new Blonde Redhead track "No More Honey" finds the group moving away from the laptop programming influence that dominated 2010's Penny Sparkle. There are gaps of negative space between the sonorous guitar plunk and the ghost of Kazu Makino, deceptively vast ones that seem to stretch out for each sparsely placed element and disorient it further. When the hook unleashes its warped (and relative) roar, the gaps aren't totally smoothed over: the song's desolate coda of rustles and dreamy muses evoke the last sounds of a closing studio, or in this case, a return.

Blonde Redhead's new album Barragán is out September 2 via Kobalt; pre-order it here.
Blonde Redhead - No More Honey (Audio)

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