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Elephant Stone release groovy new single, “Three Poisons”

The Montreal "Hindie Rockers" are back with some bottom-heavy psych.

- Jun 3, 2014

Montreal's Elephant Stone combine all the hallmarks of '60s psych, '80s Madchester and '90s power pop — paisley shirts, sitar drones, barefoot grooves, massive hooks — in very recognizable ways, but somehow manage not to sound like they're just dressing up to win over the side stage of Austin Psych Fest. Bandleader Rishi Dhir (who's sitared for the likes of Beck, The Black Angels and The Horrors) has taken to calling it "Hindie Rock," which is pretty friendly to the everything-needs-a-subgenre mentality of the Internet, but unless "Tomorrow Never Knows" was Hindie Rock, the concept isn't exactly new (if not slightly more authentic).

But hey, that doesn't mean it isn't good. Just listen to the bottom-heavy "Three Poisons," the title track from Elephant Stone's third LP, and try not to seriously feel, man.

Elephant Stone's Three Poisons will be released on August 26th via Hidden Pony Records (Vinyl/CD/Digital) and Burger Records (Cassette).
Elephant Stone - Three Poisons

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