Nate Hendricks

Hear Nate Henricks’ huge, emotional lo-fi collage “Dead Fox Waltz”

A 10 minute epic that demonstrates the full force of the Kansas rambler's versatility.

- May 21, 2014

"Dead Fox Waltz" may not be the most easy entry point into the catalogue of Nate Henricks, lo-fi rambler out of Lawrence, Kansas. While he's kept his tracks relatively lean in the past, occasionally Henricks demonstrates the full force of his versatility with impossibly stacked collages like this one.

Smatterings of Wilco and Sufjan Stevens are the threads in ten and half minutes of noise, whether it's a collection of sleigh bells urging you to "Just keep on walking," dappled tropics, or Beach Boy harmonies amid a Kinks jam session. Occasionally a movement will flicker into another like a poorly television with glitchy Nintendo noises or melting voices. This helps it feel more like an experimental mix than a song, made by turntables in Henricks' brain as they excitedly play back all the sounds it loves.

Nate Henricks' new album Neon For No One is out now via Crash Symbols.

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