Godflesh Decline And Fall Ep

Godflesh are back with fresh, bubbly rage on tap for “Ringer”

After over a decade of silence, we finally get new music from the post-industrial pioneers.

- May 21, 2014

In 2009, Justin Broadrick rescued his group Godflesh from the post-industrial foundry and brought the beast out for a tour. Now the band have announced a new four track EP Decline And Fall, out stateside June 26. Call the vicar, because I want to marry this news! Then he can exorcise their new song "Ringer" from my system.

Broadrick returns to the trademark bullish vocals he'd stretched into gossamer stuff for his solo project Jesu's ascendent metal sound. It's trench warfare, with programmed drums the targeted precision strikes and layers of sludgy metal loops that stick in your ears like napalm.

Godflesh's new EP Decline And Fall is out June 26 via Avalanche.

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