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Hear a fatalistic new psych song from Elephant 6 band Circulatory System, “Stars And Molecules”

Will Cullen Hart has a new double album with a bunch of guests.

- May 21, 2014

Will Cullen Hart's Circulatory System, beloved Elephant 6 psychedelic band, are dropping a new double album. Mosaics Within Mosaics was assembled by Derek Almstead of Faster Circuits, and will feature appearances from fellow company men/women Jeff Mangum and Jeremy Barnes of Neutral Milk Hotel, John Fernandes of The Olivia Tremor Control, The Instruments' Heather McIntosh and lots more.

"Stars And Molecules," streaming below, is touched with a lingering sense of doom that pours into the negative space between the jangly death dreams of the song's disparate sections. "If you're waiting on some other world, it won't be too long" and "Does it seem like a dream that we're never gonna wake up from?" are its fatalistic bookends, all the time that lies between the galaxies funneled into a dazzled and desperately humbled attic lo-fi song.

Circulatory System's new double album Mosaics Within Mosaics is out June 24 via Cloud Recordings; pre-order it here.

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