lil wayne d'usse

Lil Wayne’s “D’Usse” features good rapping

If Tha Carter V will be his last album, he's looking to go out on a high note.

- May 16, 2014

Will "D'Usse" be to Lil Wayne's The Carter V what "6 Foot 7 Foot" was to Tha Carter IV, a standout in a divisive album? There's no lines that match the pedigree of "Real Gs move in silence like lasagna," but this isn't the Wayne that's been doing weak ollies off other people's hits, even if the song's named after Jay Z's cognac. The loud's back in his voice, and with it Tune's tunefulness returns in a special way. Lee Majors' rattling Sunday service beat keeps the mood skyward, the same direction as Wayne's flow, as it pulls just enough from earth of you and I, ambitious and remarkable.

Lil Wayne's Tha Carter V is out soon.
Lil Wayne - D'usse

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