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PREMIERE: Library Voices eulogize their biggest fan on “John Farrell Buffalo”

The Regina rockers curb their lit. major enthusiasm on contemplative (but still catchy as hell) new track.

- May 15, 2014

Regina rockers Library Voices have carved out a nice niche for themselves as the band that’ll allude to Kundera over handclaps and cutesy keyboards, even while losing gear in floods and robberies. But somewhere along the way, something happened that finally curbed their exuberant lit. major enthusiasm: the death of their friend John Farrell, an influential Buffalo DJ from the ‘70s (not to be confused with the former Blue Jays manager) and a Library Voices superfan who would travel by Greyhound to all their across-the-border shows.

The band’s new For John EP drives their sound into lo-fi, contemplative (though still somewhat Pop as Fuck) territory, with hints of Spiritualized and Sloan. “John Farrell Buffalo” is its centrepiece, a musical eulogy. Have a listen to the song below, and then read what Library Voices member Michael Dawson tells Chart Attack about the track (it started, as most good things, from a burrito run).

"Somewhere along this bizarre ride we met an incredible gentleman named John Farrell. Over the next couple of years we had the pleasure of meeting up with John on various tour stops to chat about records, books, and life. John didn't drive but always managed to find a means to get to our shows in Southern Ontario from Buffalo. The news of his untimely death struck us hard - perhaps harder than we could have imagined. It put a lot of thing into perspective about our band and the value of our experiences.

Carl [Johnson] and I both had the same response to John's passing. We instinctively wanted to release some material dedicated to and inspired by John. The lyrics to this song were the first things I wrote for the EP. I was just walking to get a burrito one afternoon and suddenly they were there and I couldn’t get them out of my head."

Library Voices' For John EP comes out June 10 via Prairie Shag Recordings.

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