Powell enters the cloud on “No U Turn”

His first new EP in two years is out now.

- May 14, 2014

New Order drummer Stephen Morris describing Factory Floor: "Raw, Chaotic, Fantastic and Different - everything I've ever liked in a band." It comes to mind as I hear "No U Turn," the new track from Diagonal Records head Powell, playing from the headphones on my desk. Actually listening to it, you're placed in some buzzing, ineffectual spy network, grabbing fragments of voices and murmurs from parties in discos across time. Its electronics are a massive server with a flickering trace of sentience as the track contorts itself through genre easily as a cable. Perhaps that's why it feels like the photo negative of clinical tracks like "Fall Back." "No U Turn" is also curious and minimal, but mucky and relishes its own alien status.

Powell's new EP Club Music is out now via Diagonal Records.

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