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Drake’s Hamilton boy OB O’Brien drops off “2 On/ Thotful” and “Hazelton Trump”

The OVO funnyman is more than jokes. He can rap! He can sing! Drake pats him on his head: "You can do whatever you set your mind to, son."

- May 12, 2014

It's a Bar Mitzvah of his very own: Drake's bearded sidekick OB O'Brien steps out from the OVO entourage, dropping off not one, but two new jams. If you're saying "WHO!?," read our full report here.

He doesn't run too far from his Champagne Papi, mind you, whose singing ass handles the hook on "2 On/ Thotful," a remix of the Tinashe track that ostensibly sounds like bonus material from Nothing Was The Same. On "Hazelton Trump," we get OB all by his lonesome, letting his freak flag fly a little higher than Drake & Associates might usually, telling us a little about exploits in erm...amateur filmmaking or something like that. Both tracks streaming below.

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