Hype Williams’ copeland owns her sadness on “Smitten”

Headrush on this new track from a 7" before her album drops.

- May 12, 2014

The future of Hype Williams remains in doubt, like everything the discursive experimental Londoners did or do during their career. But at some point there was a tectonic shift, and a deep chasm of melancholia emerged. Dean Blunt is more prolific (and cooler), while Inga Copeland's own solo alias copeland has been prepping her debut solo album Because I'm Worth It with her own devastated tracks.

"Smitten" doesn't comfortably fall into that category; the non-album 7" is a bitter, belt-pressed beat wrenched from one of The Knife's electro conflagrations, with a headrush of synth chords and copeland owning her sadness, drifting just over the assault.

copeland's new song "Smitten" is out now via Norman Records. She will self release Because I'm Worth It in May 2014.
copeland - Smitten

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