Here’s Quirke’s dark, decadent chocolate cake new single “Break A Mirrored Leg”

Finally, pretty and dark electro, together! There shall be peace in our country tonight!

- May 6, 2014

As if in response to SD Laika's recent album That's Harakiri, enter Quirke, signed to Young Turks and ready with the airy yet still battering tonic of "Break A Mirrored Leg." Entering on the field recording of some damp and lonely rustbucket, we fade into quadruple-time kicks pushing out junky riddims and synths stained with breakup tears. But it's nowhere near neutered, not even in the middle's ambient Aphex Twin plateau. Our expectation for a coming frenzy soon pays off, and pixie vocals scream bloody sacrifice over an supernova finish. All this pretty distress proves that blunt force is not the only tool for producers to grind our willing faces into someplace dark.

Quirke's Acid Beth EP is out May 19 via Young Turks; pre-order it here.
Quirke - Break A Mirrored Leg

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