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Orchid Tapes signee Alex G is ready to burst out of Philadelphia with “Hollow”

The indie pop singer spurns preciousness in his sad tune.

- May 5, 2014

Alex G was just the subject of a sprawling profile in The Fader, and the prolific Orchid Tapes signee seems fit to burst out of Philadelphia with his latest record DSU. First single "Hollow" is below. The pace is fairly sedentary, with G's gossamer vocals pulling against a mud of grubbiness impeding every widely-spaced acoustic strum and false-starting solo. Crucially, neither wins out, and the dreamily articulated tension carries the song. At 21, G already knows how an empty chest cavity can give rise to a full-fledged song rather than pitiful whine.

Alex G's new album DSU is out June 17 via Orchid Tapes; pre-order it here.

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