Wreck & Reference Corpse Museum

Wreck & Reference’s “Corpse Museum” is a bleak, doomy exhibition

Hear a dismal new track from the doom-growling duo.

- May 1, 2014

As you walk through museum exhibits of long-erased civilizations or artistic movements revered but without followers, it's easy not to notice the stench of death over our pride at humankind's artistic achievements. "Corpse Museum" is probably not that literal, but San Francisco electro doom duo Wreck & Reference's new song does have the crushing, hypnotic appearance of a mummy's unblinking, lipless grin, without a golden sarcophagus in sight. Everything slowly unfurls like the blackest living fog in four minutes of guttural bellows and synthesized chants, black robed and faceless.

Wreck & Reference's new album Want is out June 10 via The Flenser; pre-order it here

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