sharon van etten everytime the sun comes up

Sharon Van Etten laughs in spite of herself on “Every Time The Sun Comes Up”

Hear the Jersey-born singer/songwriter's new tune.

- Apr 30, 2014

If you draw the entire emotional resonance of Sharon Van Etten's latest indie folk song "Every Time The Sun Comes Up" from the hook, it becomes a track of crusty-eyed regrets coursing through a pounding head. But surrounding Van Etten's endearing guitar traipses and her voice's perpetual bomb-like cascade, there's a lot of biting humour on display: "People say I'm a one-hit wonder but what happens when I have two / I washed your dishes but I shit in your bathroom." With an oblique vulnerability her failings are carried not like a shroud, but an accepted if still bemoaned pair of shackles, revealing themselves with every new dawn.

Sharon Van Etten's new album Are We There is out May 27 via Jagjaguwarpre-order it here.

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