Big KRIT MT Olympus

Big K.R.I.T.’s new single “Mt. Olympus” is much bigger than a “Control” response

The Mississippi rapper defends the south.

- Apr 29, 2014

Big K.R.I.T. doesn't see your favourite syrup-guzzling, trap-blasting DJ as an homage to his home. It's an injustice. The Mississippi rapper dismisses "Mt. Olympus" as a delayed "Control" response immediately, and that's because the first single off the upcoming Cadillactica is more concerned with how the south is marginalized within the rap industry. As one of its best rappers, that naturally includes him, and the song's loftier ambition finds a fuel in K.R.I.T.'s frustration with what the game wants from him and the out-of-town rappers looking to poach from his regional scene.

"Now they wanna hear a country nigga rap / five albums in I swear a country nigga snap." Fair warning, and he pulls the trigger, sticking a manifesto of lean, precise barbs and dexterous combinations fit for the firebrand he embodies on record. He's no newcomer as the increased attention would suggest, and rages against southern rap as a vessel for trends rather than GOAT contenders. There's a fatalistic edge - if God couldn't make you consider Andre 3000, Kendrick, what hope does K.R.I.T. have? - but in K.R.I.T.'s head, he's already won: Though he sneers at the "Control" beat, "Mt. Olympus"'s carries a ceremony of its own, not of a crowning, but for a funeral of all those rappers eating dirt under his porch, recently exhumed and stinking of inadequacy.

Big K.R.I.T.'s Cadillactica is out this fall via Def Jam.

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