Baths Ocean Death

Baths trigger your fear of drowning with “Ocean Death”

Will Wiesenfeld's latest pop experiment is an invitation to a watery oblivion.

- Apr 28, 2014

Baths will release a new EP, Ocean Death, on May 6, collecting tracks produced in the same sessions as his latest full-length Obsidian. That record channelled cherry pop's keenly observed fermentation into a bitter, bracing shot of mortal reckoning. The literally stormy opening of the EP's title track also feels like it's clinging onto a more blissful time.

The crashing of waves continues through pulsing beats, throat singing and the crystal shards of Will Wiesenfeld syllables dancing across 8-bit synth drones. Then the song cuts out for the sound of tides, and Wiesenfeld takes the role of a siren: "Burrow into mine/Bury your body in my graveyard/I am the ocean." His macabre invitation is touched with inevitability, like the fear of drowning that grips your chest when you're just below the surface, the warmth of acceptance slowly creeping into your thrashing muscles.

Baths' new EP Ocean Death is out May 6 via Anticon.

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