Ben Frost

Ben Frost delivers noisy reckoning on “Nolan”

Another Aurora track leaves us slumped.

- Apr 24, 2014

It's hard to say whether Ben Frost's compositions for dance, theatre and film have informed the narrative line that appears on tracks like "Nolan," or whether his mad dog noise is just natural fire and brimstone journeying for a new age. Somewhere deep in the flesh-rending squall of the beginning, there's notes of a promised deliverance, recalling the ecstatic burst of "Plainsong" as though it were clinging on for life.

What's crucial is that it's never entirely dragged under during the nearly seven minute fire-and-brimstone sermon: there'll be a stretch of layered artillery blasts, then a few glittering notes peek through whatever layer of space time we're about to melt through. Frost tours us through his carnage like a kind despot, facing us with an annihilation so pure even he cannot control it, and dumping us on the other side a little bit more aware of our mortal coil.

Ben Frost's new album Aurora is out May 27 via Bedroom Community; pre-order it here.

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