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White Lung tackle body dysmorphia in new song, “Snake Jaw”

Read what now-L.A.-based lead singer Mish Way has to say about the song's themes.

- Apr 22, 2014

Last night, Rookie Magazine published a thoughtful, thorough interview with White Lung singer Mish Way about her writing and musical personae, feminism, body image, control, strength and perception and Trojan horsed it into a premiere for the Vancouver punk band’s great new song, “Snake Jaw.”

And so even though the song isn’t embeddable here, we’ll just send you over to Rookie. What Mish says is more interesting than anything I’d come up with anyway. Here's her explanation:

That song’s about body dysmorphia and its residuals. I feel like I there are two women battling in my head sometimes: my completely confident self who can tell anyone to fuck off at the flick of a finger, and this other woman who hates herself, her body, and her mind, not because she actually hates herself, but because she has been told by her culture to hate herself for not being MORE, BETTER, THINNER, PRETTIER. Being crippled by a hatred for your own body—why? How did that happen to our fucking culture?

“Snake Jaw” is about the fact that women—myself included—still struggle so much with the idea of what we’re supposed to be and what we’re supposed to look like, and how that pertains to our sexuality, our power, our attractiveness, and even our intelligence. It’s that battle we’re constantly fighting. We live in a country where women go to bed hungry, not because they don’t have anything to eat, but because they’re worried about getting fat. That is fucked up.

Listen to "Snake Jaw" over at Rookie, read the rest of that interview, follow the links there, and have yourself an unproductive work day.

White Lung's Domino debut, Deep Fantasy, is out June 17. "Snake Jaw" is also the B-side to the "Drown With The Monster" 7", which you can pre-order here.

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