Twin Shadow To The Top

Twin Shadow releases booming new track “To The Top”

George Lewis Jr. builds on his emotive pop music's already impressive bombast.

- Apr 15, 2014

Twin Shadow's going big in 2014. Big hat, big shadow from the big hat, and big new song "To The Top." George Lewis Jr. manages to smash the ceiling for the tear-stained makeout pop anthem he built with 2012's Confess; the uninhibited grandeur of "To The Top"  manages to make that record look comparatively timid. The threading of instruments means no dead space, but Lewis plays up the gaps between the windmilling guitar chords, huge drums and his own scaling lyrics, making the song feel like a series of cannons being constantly reloaded. It's more than just a boombox outside your window, demanding just one more chance tonight: it's a full-on love invasion.

Twin Shadow is working on the follow-up to Confess. We interviewed him two years ago for Conversations. Watch that below.

Conversations with Twin Shadow (interview) | ChartAttack.com

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