Telstar Drugs, Endless Straight EP

PREMIERE: Telstar Drugs’ “Unglued” is the soundtrack to your weekly/daily/hourly descent into madness

Sure, they can move to Montreal, but for Telstar Drugs, Calgary is a state of mind.

- Apr 14, 2014

The defunct post-punk act Women weirded Calgary. Probably bored with Stampedes, maybe unconvinced by the promise of fat oil jobs in the North, they tapped into some nihilistic psychic urge — largely under-exercised among Calgary kids — and turned Cowtown into a kraut-punk oasis in the heart of cowboy country. In their wake, a whole gang of Calgary upstarts, many who would have come of age seeing Women on scuzzy stages across the city, have taken their cue. In the Calgary of my imagination, records stores can't even keep Chairs Missing or the Neu! debut in stock.

Telstar Drugs, who've since transplanted to Montreal, are one of the groups leading what music textbooks might one day call "the Calgary post-punk sound." On April 25, Perdu will put out the band's sophomore release, an EP called Endless Straight (on grey swirl vinyl, if you're so inclined). Jag at Perdu (and also WTCHS)  introduced me to the band, saying they sound hypnotic, "like a murder scene in slow motion."

"Unglued," the track they've dropped off today, is appropriately titled — a slow-growing din of anxieties. It sounds like rats running around in a maze, bumping into walls, getting turned around. There are no prizes. There is no exit. Surprise: we're the rats. Welp, happy Monday!

Telstar Drugs' Endless Straight EP is out April 25 on Perdu.

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