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Dan Snaith’s Daphni and Owen Pallett reveal new collaborative songs “Julia / Tiberius”

Hear two new songs from the Caribou head and Montreal's busiest violinist.

- Apr 14, 2014

Dan Snaith's dance project Daphni (last seen DJing a set on Just Jam) has teamed up with Owen Pallett for a pair of new songs. Both "Julia" and "Tiberius" pair anxious violin stabs and wonky electro, but the first track's more of a party compared to the shell-shocked militarism of "Tiberius." The two musicians don't clash as much as you'd think, like dipping french fries in ice cream. (Check out Pallett's violin cover of the Caribou classic "Odessa" here.)

Snaith says the Daphni & Owen Pallett split will be "out in a week or so" via his Jiaolong label digitally and on vinyl.

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